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About Our Expertise

We utilize our expertise and passion to build solutions to empower small businesses and inventive entrepreneurs to automate operations, remote workplaces for employees, integrate and upgrade novel and legacy systems, or build from conception to delivery that drive measurable results for renowned industry.

We optimize the power of Web, Mobile, IoT, Open source, and cloud technologies to develop custom applications and solutions for diverse industries such as Transport, Retail, Healthcare, Education, Financial services, and more.

Where we are experts

We provide a wide range of software solutions to assist our customers in digital transformation of their businesses with a special focus on the following industries:


Having a deep understanding of banking sector, w.ALGO devotes a particular focus on data protection, security, fraud prevention and thoroughly sticks to regulatory compliances. w.ALGO delivers custom financial software and consulting services to help privately-owned, governmental and public-sector financial institutions and companies to grow their businesses easily, quickly, legally and confidentially.

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Travel & Hospitality

Metainput experts have a proved expertise in software development that helps companies to manage a wide range of travel products. These products respond to different challenges like enhancement of organisations’ profitability, improvement of business process productivity, activities monitoring and control, competitive services delivery to end customers.

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Supply Chain

Due to domination of the large enterprise segment, the industry demonstrates a significant rise in need for real-time analytical platforms to assist in the collection of key business data. Metainput specialists are well familiar with domain challenges thanks to their past experience in development of on-premise SCM system to supply transportation and logistics for automotive industry. The software manages the flow of spare parts and information across the supply chain network.

What we use

Technology spectrum, on which we are mostly focused:

Metainput holds the experience to take on backend challenges for any scale and complexity, using the right technologies to build an effective architecture.






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We discover opportunities that allow us to provide our clients with the best new solutions.

Today, an online presence is a prerequisite for the growth and success of any business. Thanks to our services, companies from all around the world are expanding and improving their websites. Our services help companies acquire new clients and grow. We are proud that we can help companies from all around the world with this.